Best Rock & Metal Releases of May 2022

May was an absolutely packed month for the heavy music scene. It took me a while to catch up with all of the releases but I’ve finally put together my list of favorites. I have my top 25 albums and EPs picked as well as dozens of honorable mentions that are all worth checking out. 

I have lots of updates coming up, including new playlists, new weekly posts, a revamped YouTube channel, and much more. I’m hoping to get it all off the ground by the beginning of July but I may have to push it back. I’m currently working two jobs, applying for new jobs, and trying to take care of a 5 month old so my plans may be pushed back. Until then, I hope you’re able to find some great music here!

Best Releases of May 6

August Burns Red – ‘Leveler Live’ [progressive metalcore]

Ibaraki – ‘Rashomon’ [black metal]

Simple Plan – ‘Harder Than It Looks’ [pop punk]

Silverstein – ‘Misery Made Me’ [metalcore/post-hardcore]

Three Days Grace – ‘Explosions’ [hard rock]

Upon A Burning Body – ‘Fury’ [death/metalcore]

Windwaker – ‘Love Language’ [metalcore]

Honorable Mentions:

Bioplan – ‘Arcade Dreams’ EP [instrumental progressive metal]

Pure Reason Revolution – ‘Above Cirrus’ [progressive rock/post-rock]

Aenimus – ‘Sacrificial’ EP [progressive metal/technical death metal]

Fozzy – ‘Boombox’ [hard rock/heavy metal]

Halestorm – ‘Back From The Dead’ [hard rock]

Nocturnal Bloodlust – ‘Argos’ [deathcore]

Heists – ‘Troubled Souls’ [metalcore/hardcore]

Crash the Calm – ‘A Town Named Nowhere’ [post-hardcore]

All Better – ‘How To Be Alone’ [pop punk/alt rock]

Chamber – ‘Carved In Stone’ EP [hardcore]

Liquid State – ‘Cherished’ EP [post-hardcore]

Northwood – ‘Visceral’ EP [metalcore/deathcore]

King Yosef – ‘The Ever Growing Wound’ EP [industrial hardcore]

Best Releases of May 13

Moon Tooth – ‘Phototroph’ [prog rock]

State Champs – ‘Kings of the New Age’ [pop punk]

Where’s My Bible – ‘Circle’ EP [death metal]

Honorable Mentions:

Embla North – ‘Greywater’ EP [metalcore]

Wild Earth – ‘Weary Hymns Along The Way’ [alt rock]

Cage Fight – ‘Cage Fight’ [hardcore]

Master Boot Record – ‘Personal Computer’ [experimental industrial metal]

Visions Of Atlantis – ‘Pirates’ [symphonic metal]

The Cards I Play – ‘Retrograde’ [post-hardcore]

I Wither – ‘Oath to Nothing’ EP [metalcore]

Designed to Fail – ‘Bliss’ EP [metalcore]

Abyssal One – ‘Shadow’ EP [progressive metalcore]

Undead Corporation – ‘J.O.I.N.T.’ [fusion metal]

Best Releases of May 20

Awakening Sun – ‘HEAVEN IS WHATEVER’ [melodic death metal]

Evergrey – ‘A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)’ [prog metal]

Malevolence – ‘Malicious Intent’ [hardcore/metalcore]

Pymlico – ‘Supermassive’ [instrumental fusion prog rock]

Space Of Variations – ‘IMAGO’ [metalcore]

Static Dress – ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’ [post-hardcore]

Honorable Mentions:

Imonolith – ‘Progressions’ [metalcore]

Cave In – ‘Heavy Pendulum’ [hard rock/hardcore]

James LaBrie – ‘Beautiful Shade Of Grey’ [progressive metal]

Watashi Wa – ‘People Like People’ [indie/alt rock]

Geezer – ‘Stoned Blues Machine’ [psychedelic rock]

LaMacchia – ‘Thunderheads’ [alt rock]

Last Temptation – ‘Fuel For My Soul’ [hard rock]

Lucer – ‘The New World’ [rock]

Rod Rodrigues – ‘Tales Of A Changing Life, Part 1’ EP [instrumental progressive metal]

Sandness – ‘Play Your Part‘ [hard rock]

Sedative – ‘Death Romantic’ [deathcore]

Volturian – ‘Red Dragon’ [gothic metal]

Earth Eater – ‘Infinite Ruin’ [deathcore]

Life Awaits – ‘Call Me Insane’ [post-hardcore]

SPICE – ‘Viv’ [rock]

A Dozen Black Roses – ‘Treading Ever So Deeply’ EP [metalcore]

Graey – ‘Nightbloom’ EP [metalcore]

Be Well – ‘Hello Sun’ EP [hardcore]

Best Releases of May 27

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship – ‘Sentiments’ [metalcore]

GFM – ‘Framing My Perception EP’ [beautycore]

Hollow Front – ‘The Price Of Dreaming’ [metalcore]

In Her Own Words – ‘Distance of Decay’ [pop punk/alt rock]

Notions – ‘Notions’ [nu metalcore]

Scary Kids Scaring Kids – ‘Out of Light’ [post-hardcore]

Sever – ‘This Should Have Been a Better Place’ [alt rock/post-hardcore]

Synge – ‘Vacant Minded’ EP [metalcore]

With the Punches – ‘Discontent’ EP [pop punk]

Honorable Mentions:

Decapitated – ‘Cancer Culture’ [death metal]

Fireproven – ‘Epilogue’ [progressive metal]

Venus Principle – ‘Stand In Your Light’ [progressive/post-rock]

Refiner – ‘Firewalker’ [deathcore]

Revenira – ‘Hong Kong 2124’ [progressive metalcore]

Begotten – ‘IDENTITY CRI$i$’ EP [nu metalcore]

Yunalesca – ‘This Heavy Rain’ EP [progressive metal]

Cries Hannah – ‘The Sleepwalker’ EP [metalcore/post-hardcore]

Encrement – ‘Liminal State’ EP [progressive rock/post-hardcore]

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