Top 5 Rock & Metal Release of July 1, 2022

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this week as far as new releases. I had nothing on my radar, but after doing a little bit of digging I’ve found some truly great records. These are the releases that stood out to me the most from the week (June 25 – July 1st).

Top 5:

Afterdusk – ‘Self Worship’ EP [metalcore]

Satyr – ‘Totem’ [progressive rock/metal]

Shinedown – ‘Planet Zero’ [hard rock]

Speaking With Ghosts – ‘At Its End’ [metalcore]

Waiting 4 April – ‘Photo Memory’ EP [emo/punk/alt rock]

Honorable Mentions:

Bleeding Through – ‘Rage’ EP [metalcore]

Blood Command – ‘Praise Armageddonism’ [deathpop/punk]

Chaos Engine Research – ‘Faces’ [death metal]

Crowmouth – ‘Stagnant Years: The Unraveling’ EP [nu metal/deathcore]

A Fitting Revenge – ‘Omnipresence’ [melodic death metal]

Horizon Ignited – ‘Towards The Dying Lands’ [melodic death metal]

Kingdom Collapse – ‘Unbreakable’ EP [hard rock]

Krestfäll – ‘A Broken Place’ [hard rock]

Overthrone – ‘The Path of Destruction’ [metalcore]

Saint Asonia – ‘Introvert’ EP [hard rock]

Spiralist – ‘Eternal Recurrence’ [progressive rock/post-metal]

Superheist – ‘MMXX’ [alt metal]

Your Highness – ‘The RagBag Vol. 1’ EP [punk/hardcore]

Life Update

As you might have noticed, my posts have been incredibly sporadic over the past year. I was working three jobs for awhile and my wife delivered out first child in January so my blog here went on the back burner.

Going forward I’m hoping to put some more time into this. If all goes well you should be seeing posts from me on of my top five weekly releases every Sunday as well as some other posts here and there about album reviews, bands, month-in-reviews, music industry opinions, etc.

I have lots of plans to further develop Robby Reviews and I’m very excited for the future of it. Thank you so much for all of your support and I hope you find some new bands along the way!

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