Best Rock & Metal Releases of June 2022

June was a packed month for the heavy music scene. There were loads of great metalcore and post-hardcore releases from June so they saturated my list quite a lot. I started with over 350 potential records and narrowed it down to my top 25. However, there were so many stellar releases that I urge you to look through the Honorable Mentions as well and check out some of those too.

Best Releases of June 3rd

Astronoid – ‘Radiant Bloom’ [progressive post-metal]

Big Drink – ‘It Was Supposed To Be So Easy’ EP [pop punk/easycore]

Mass Sky Raid – ‘Calm In Chaos’ [alt rock]

Moments – ‘Tidal Waves’ [metalcore/hardcore]

My Diligence – ‘The Matter, The Form And Power’ [stoner rock/doom metal]

Memphis May Fire – ‘Remade In Misery’ [metalcore]

Seeking Sirens – ‘Departing Ways’ EP [post-hardcore/metalcore]

Thornhill – ‘Heroine’ [post-metalcore]

Unprocessed – ‘Boy Without A Gun’ EP [progressive rock/metal]

Valleyheart – ‘Heal My Head’ [alt rock]

Honorable Mentions:

The Algorithm – ‘Data Renaissance’ [dark wave/instrumental industrial progressive metal]

Bleed From Within – ‘Shrine’ [metalcore]

Buried Realm – ‘Buried Realm’ [technical death metal]

Ckraft – ‘Epic Discordant Vision’ [progressive/fusion metal]

Crobot – ‘Feel This’ [hard rock]

Dirtred – ‘Prophecy of the Fall’ EP [groove metal/metalcore] 

Glass Hands – ‘Detox’ EP [post-hardcore/metalcore]

Hive – ‘Exuviae’ [deathcore]

Hypermass – ‘Empyrean’  [death metal]

Killswitch Engage – ‘Live At The Palladium’ [metalcore]

Neon Sky – ‘Medicated’ EP [industrial numetal]

No Pressure – ‘No Pressure (LP)’ [pop punk]

The Oklahoma Kid – Tangerine Tragic [post-hardcore/metalcore]

orphantwin – ‘Future Classic’ [industrial hardcore]

Paul Bartolome – ‘Reflections, Pt.1’ EP [post-hardcore/metalcore]

Red Handed Denial – ‘I’d Rather Be Asleep’ [progressive metalcore]

Rick Massie – ‘Guided To An Imperfect Light’ [progressive post-metal/rock]

Stay Inside – ‘Blight’ EP [emo/post-hardcore/alt rock]

Sygnal To Noise – ‘Human Condition’ [alt/hard rock]

While She Sleeps – ‘Sleeps Society (Special Edition)’ [metalcore]

Best Releases of June 10

Abyss, Watching Me – ‘Nix’ [post-hardcore]

Kardashev – Liminal Rite [progressive death metal]

Moodring – ‘Stargazer’  [post-hardcore]

Motionless In White – ‘Scoring The End Of The World’ [nu metalcore]

Soreption – ‘Jord’  [technical death metal]

Honorable Mentions:

Abrade The Earth – ‘The Essence of Everything’ [metalcore]

Bloody Heels – ‘Rotten Romance’ [hard rock]

Dragged Under – ‘Upright Animals’ [punk]

Escape the Void – ‘Irrational Dreaming’ EP [metalcore]

FALSET – ‘Monarch’ [hard rock]

Future Palace – ‘Run’ [post-hardcore]

Inanimate Existence – The Masquerade [technical death metal]

InRetrospect – ‘CURRENT STATE’ EP [metalcore]

Magnolia Park – ‘Heart Eater’ EP [pop punk]

Majesty Of Revival – ‘Pinnacle’ [progressive rock/metal]

Pre-Human Vaults – ‘Allegiance Divine’ [death metal]

Secrets – ‘The Collapse’ [metalcore]

She Cries Wolf – ‘I’ EP [hardcore/metalcore]

Still Stayer – ‘Everend’ EP [post-hardcore/progressive metalcore]

Valoria – ‘Dead Languages’ EP [post-hardcore/metalcore]

Venus 5 – ‘Venus 5’ [hard rock]

Wind Rose – ‘Warfront’ [symphonic metal]

Best Releases of June 17th

Exocrine – ‘The Hybrid Suns’ [tech death metal]

Senna – ‘A Moment of Quiet’ EP [post-hardcore/progressive metalcore]

Vatican – Ultra [metalcore]

Honorable Mentions:

Bolu2 Death – ‘OBRAVIVA, Vol, 1 & 2’ [alt metal]

Brojob – ‘JESTER’ EP [deathcore]

Charlie Griffiths – ‘Tiktaalika’ [progressive metal]

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows – ‘Destroy Rebuild’ [post-hardcore]

Grey Daze – ‘The Phoenix’ [alt rock/metal]

NinDjento – ‘Mario Kart 64’ [instrumental progressive metal]

Our Last Night – ‘Empires Fall’ EP [post-hardcore]

Relentless 3 – ‘The World is Empty’ [metalcore]

Seven Cities Dead – ‘The Perfect Disease’ EP [metalcore]

Truent – ‘Through The Vale Of Earthly Torment’ [death metal]

Vexes – ‘Imagine What We Could Destroy/If Only Given Time’ [post-rock/metal]

Vianova – ‘Looking for…’ EP [metalcore]

We Struck Gold – ‘Feel Nothing’ [melodic hardcore]

Best Releases of June 24

Alexisonfire – ‘Otherness’ [psychedelic alt rock/post-hardcore]

Coheed and Cambria – ‘Vaxis II: A Window Of The Waking Mind’ [progressive rock]

Earthists – ‘Have a Good Cult’ [rock/progressive metalcore]

Glass Heart – ‘Weathered’ EP [post-hardcore/alt rock]

Kalyptra – ‘People’ [progressive metalcore]

Spiritbox – ‘Rotoscope’ EP [industrial metalcore]

Saor – ‘Origins’ [progressive post-metal]

Honorable Mentions:

Betraying The Martyrs – ‘Silver Lining’ EP [metalcore]

Dying Desolation – ‘MIDNIGHT’ [metalcore]

Emery – ‘Rub Some Dirt On It’ [post-hardcore]

Fallen Sanctuary – ‘Terranova’ [power metal]

Gurth – ‘The Well’ [progressive alt rock/post-hardcore]

I Fight Bears – ‘Liberosis’ [metalcore]

Icreatedamonster – ‘Blisstonia’ [metalcore]

Limbs – ‘Coma Year’ EP [metalcore]

Mankind Grief – ‘Monarch’ [deathcore]

Philosophobia – ‘Philosophobia’ [progressive post-rock]

Porcupine Tree – ‘Closure/Continuation’ [progressive rock]

Profiler – ‘Profiler’ EP [metalcore]

Projected – ‘Hypoxia’ [hard rock]

RXPTRS – ‘Living Without Death’s Permission’ [hard rock]

The Warning – ‘Error’ [hard rock]

We are Many We are Legion – ‘Breathe Fight Believe’ [fusion metal]

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