Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases July 15, 2022

This was another week where I didn’t have much on my radar as far as what was coming out. However, like always, after doing a bit of research and a lot of critical listening, I found some true gems. After sifting through over 80 albums of various rock and metal genres, these are my favorite albums and EPs released between July 9th and 15th. I would listen to each and every one of these, in fact, I have! I hope you give some of them a chance too.

Top 5:
Anova Skyway – ‘Reset’ EP [progressive rock]
Careful Gaze – ‘Wrath Like Flowers Upon My Brow’ [alt rock/posthardcore]
Jason Richardson & Luke Holland – ‘II’ [instrumental progressive metal]
Rain City Drive – ‘Rain City Drive’ [pop punk/alt rock]
Senses Fail – ‘Hell is in Your Head’ [punk/posthardcore]

Honorable Mentions:
ATLVS – ‘The Wound, The Blade’ EP [hardcore/metalcore]
Beastwood – ‘No Way Home’ EP [southern sludge metal]
The Ever Living – ‘Artificial Devices’ [post doom metal]
DeadSwitch – ‘Targeted’ EP [deathcore]
Deaf Havana – ‘The Present Is a Foreign Land’ [pop/alt rock]
Deathbringer – ‘It’ [death metal/deathcore]
Die Another Day – ‘Fiction’ EP [metalcore/pop punk]
Ditto’s Blood – ‘Diamond Version’ [electronicore]
Forked Tongue – ‘Forked Tongue’ EP [hardcore]
Gleemer – ‘Here at All’ EP [shoegaze/alt rock]
Illusionary – ‘BAKU’ EP [metalcore]
Jeremy Fox – ‘The Space Between’ [metalcore]
The Last Element – ‘Chapter 1: Chaos’ EP [modern hard rock]
Outright – ‘Keep You Warm’ [hardcore]
Outsider – ‘Heart Entertainment’ EP [pop punk/alt rock]
Roseneath – ‘Shine’ [grunge/shoegaze/posthardcore]
Sick n’ Beautiful – ‘Starstruck’ [industrial hard rock]
True North – ‘Out Loud’ [alt rock/pop punk]
Yours Truly – ‘is this what i look like?’ EP [pop punk]

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