Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases August 5, 2022

My apologies for posting this so late. I went to a concert on Friday and my ears and body needed a break afterwards. (In case you’re curious, I went to see August Burns Red, my all-time favorite band, in Sacramento. Void of Vision, Hollow Front, and We Came As Romans supported them and the show was sold out. It was incredible and I’m still a bit sore.) Also, my main job is as a substitute teacher and school just started back up again so my time has been stretched thin this week as I’m getting back into the rhythm of things.

With that said, last week had some real bangers. I didn’t find quite as many notable ones, but there were some real surprises. Note that both Bullet for my Valentine and Another Now released deluxe versions of their albums that came out last year. Both are great albums, but I feel like adding them to my top 5 would be cheating since they were technically already released. So here are my top 5 albums/EPs released between July 30th and August 5th as well as some awesome honorable mentions.

Top 5:
Avalanche Effect – ‘Katharsis’ [metalcore]
Hot Milk – ‘The King and Queen of Gasoline’ EP [pop punk]
Psycroptic – ‘Divine Council’ [technical death metal]
SHEORU – ‘Forever Sleep’ EP [metalcore]
Wake Up Hate – ‘I JUST DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE’ [modern hard rock]

Honorable Mentions:
All of Mine – ‘Zerfall’ [post hardcore]
Another Now – ‘OMNI+’ [metalcore]
Bullet for my Valentine – ‘Bullet for my Valentine (Deluxe Album)’ [thrash metalcore]
Emery Heights – ‘Miles Away’ EP [modern alt rock]
Expectations – ‘Heartless, Shallow and Cruel’ [melodic hardcore]
Fall And Resist – ‘Darkness Of Now’ EP [melodic death metal]
Grizzlyshark – ‘MOSAIC’ EP [pop punk/post hardcore]
In Hearts Wake – ‘Green Is The New Black Soundtrack (Official Soundtrack)’ [metalcore]
Reckless High – ‘The Brawl’ [rap rock]
Splitmouth – ‘Self’ [metalcore/deathcore]

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