Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases August 19, 2022

Last week might be my smallest release week of 2022 so far with only 13 albums and EPs that stood out to me. However, it’s still got some powerhouse releases, most of which I was not expecting at all. The EPs really carried the week, making up eight of the 13 records. Here are my top 5 from August 13th – 19th and the honorable mentions.

Top 5:
Alpha Wolf/Holding Absence – ‘The Lost & The Longing’ EP [metalcore]
Hallways ‘I Wake I Fall’ EP [melodic hardcore]
I Prevail – ‘TRUE POWER’ [nu metalcore]
Ocean Sleeper – ‘Is It Better Feeling Nothing’ EP [metalcore]
Tropic Gold – ‘DO U FEEL IT?’ EP [alt rock/metal]

Honorable Mentions:
Five Finger Death Punch – ‘Afterlife’ [hard rock]
Orthodox – ‘Learning To Dissolve’ [nu hardcore]
Pistols At Dawn – ‘Ascension’ [hard rock]
Revaira – ‘Journey’ EP [metalcore]
The Rising Tide – ‘Visions’ EP [deathcore]
Soilwork – ‘Övergivenheten’ [progressive rock/metal]
Spirit .End – ‘Frozen in Endless Motion’ EP [metalcore]
The Worst of Us – ‘GOD COMPLEX’ EP [nu metalcore]

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