Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases August 26, 2022

What a week! Becoming The Archetype is back and I am not disappointed! Expect to see them in my Top 3 of August post coming later this week. We also got some cool new albums from long-standing bands like Machine Head and Muse as well as some really awesome newcomers like Nightlife, Ghost in the Ruins, and Westhand. We also got a couple of cool EPs from two bands close to home, A Moment’s Notice and Align The Tide.

I picked my personal top 5 releases of the week, but they’re all worth a try. Enjoy!

Top 5:
Becoming The Archetype – ‘Children Of The Great Extinction’ [progressive death metal]
The Dangerous Summer – ‘Come Home’ [alt rock]
Machine Head – ‘Of Kingdom And Crown’ [groove metal]
Muse – ‘Will Of The People’ [hard alt pop rock]
Nightlife – ‘fallback’ EP [pop fusion rock]

Honorable Mentions:
A Moment’s Notice – ‘LOTUS’ EP [metalcore]
Align The Tide – ‘Hollow’ [melodic death metal]
Ambers Wake ‘SOLACE’ EP [post hardcore]
Cyborg Octopus – ‘Between The Light And Air’ [progressive metal]
Drag Me Out – ‘Demons Away’ – [metalcore]
Dynazty – ‘Final Advent’ [hard rock/heavy metal]
Ghost In the Ruins – ‘Return to Ash’ [metalcore]
God of Nothing – ‘Terrible Things’ EP [deathcore]
Long Distance Calling – ‘Eraser’ [instrumental progressive post rock]
Matt Sassano – ‘In Defiance’ EP [modern hard rock]
Obsidian Mind – ‘Obsidian Mind’ EP [metalcore]
Underthrow – ‘In Memory of Fading Hearts’ [melodic hardcore]
Venerea – ‘Euro Trash’ [punk]
Westhand – ‘Cyanide Culture’ [nu metalcore]

Again, sorry for getting this up a couple of days late. I got offered a new job last week and I accepted it. I’ve been “promoted” from a substitute teacher to an actual teacher! I now teach math and science to 7th and 8th graders. With my new job has come a lot of challenges and demands on my time. Moving forward I’ll do my best to get these up on Sundays but no promises.

I have some new posts written that will go out in between my weekly posts over the next month or so, as well as a big announcement next week. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys think. Until then, have a great rest of your week!

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