Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases September 2, 2022

This post is a bit of a first for me. This is the first time a symphonic metal album has made it into my top 5 of the week. Also, the majority of my favorite releases this week are not from more popular bands, but are actually from smaller lesser-known artists. In fact, with the exception of Oceans Ate Alaska, I had never heard of any of these bands until a few days ago. What a week for surprises! On top of this, add great new releases from Megadeth and two SharpTone Records bands: 156/Silence and Miss May I.

Of course, I have picked my top 5, but don’t forget to check out the honorable mentions as well, as there is some real quality there too.

Top 5:
First Signs Of Frost – ‘Anthropocene’ [post hardcore/metalcore]
Gallia – ‘Obscura’ [cinematic/symphonic metal]
Ghost Wish – ‘Dimension’ [progressive metalcore]
Initia Lux – ‘SAMSARA’ [post hardcore/metalcore]
Oceans Ate Alaska – ‘Disparity’ [progressive metalcore]

Honorable Mentions:
156/Silence – ‘Narrative’ [hardcore/metalcore]
Aeternam – ‘Heir Of The Rising Sun’ [symphonic death metal]
Alchemists – ‘More Love’ [progressive metalcore]
Andy Gillion – ‘Arcade Metal’ [instrumental arcade metal]
Countervail – ‘Parallels’ [metalcore]
Dim Gray – ‘Firmament’ [prog/post rock]
Fear Disease – ‘Floodgates’ [death metal]
Feather Mountain – ‘To Exit A Maelstrom’ [prog/alt/post rock]
Goodbye Misery – ‘Lazarus’ [metalcore]
King Buffalo – ‘Regenerator’ [psychedelic/stoner rock]
Last Kind Words – ‘The Ascent’ [metalcore]
Megadeth – ‘The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!’ [thrash metal]
Miss May I – ‘Curse Of Existence’ [metalcore]
Reddstar – ‘R3N3GADE MUSIC, Vol. 1’ [hard rock/rap rock]
Sobriquet – ‘Apotheosis’ [post hardcore]
Time & Eternity – ‘The Face of Death EP’ [metalcore/deathcore]
Waco – ‘Rock Spirit Absolute Joy’ [indie punk rock]

I just wanna say thanks for being so patient with me and my weird posting schedule. It might continue for a while longer. This post is almost a week late due to the craziness of my new teaching job. I’ve also had to put some other announcements and blog posts on the back burner until my life settles down a little bit. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere and will have my blog running smoothly again soon.

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