Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases September 9, 2022

Last weeks’ releases took me totally by surprise. We got a great cover album from Our Last Night, a deluxe version of Shadow of Intent’s latest album (which is absolutely stellar by the way), and a fun new record from Flogging Molly. Ozzy Osbourne and Parkway Drive also dropped some excellent albums that captured the attention of many, yet it was the bands that were new to me that I enjoyed the most. Of my top 5 I had only ever heard of two of them before and had only listened to a few songs by each so hearing all of these fresh bands was a treat.

As always, here are my top 5 releases of the week in alphabetical order along with all of the great honorable mentions, all of which, in my opinion, are worth listening to.

Top 5:
Berried Alive – ‘Our Own Light’ [progressive/trap metal]
Fallujah – ‘Empyrean’ [tech death metal]
Smash Into Pieces – ‘Disconnect’ [modern hard rock]
Taboo – ‘Taboo’ [heavy metal/modern hard rock]
Until I Wake – ‘Inside My Head’ [metalcore]

Honorable Mentions:
Abrams – ‘In The Dark’ [psychedelic hard rock]
Allen/Olzon – ‘Army Of Dreamers’ [symphonic metal]
Apnea – ‘Sea Sound’ [post grunge/stoner rock]
Armor for Sleep – ‘The Rain Museum’ [alt rock/post hardcore]
Chase the Pancake – ‘Black EP’ [metalcore/electrocore]
Cian – ‘Surefire’ [metalcore]
Desolance – ‘All That Is Left to Believe EP’ [metalcore]
Eat Your Heart Out – ‘Can’t Stay Forever’ [alt rock/pop punk]
Ends With a Bullet – ‘I’m Still Standing’ [metalcore/modern rock]
Flight Paths – ‘American Renaissance’ [alt/modern hard rock]
Flogging Molly – ‘Anthem’ [celtic punk rock]
Grief Ritual – ‘Spiritual Disease EP’ [blackened hardcore]
Holy Fawn – ‘Dimensional Bleed’ [shoegaze]
I Am – ‘Eternal Steel’ [death metal]
Notedead – ‘Separate Paths’ [metalcore]
Our Last Nights – ‘Decades of Covers’ [post hardcore/metalcore]
Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Patient Number 9’ [hard rock]
Parkway Drive – ‘Darker Still’ [modern hard rock]
Paul Bartolome – ‘Reflections, Pt. 2 EP’ [post hardcore/metalcore]
Shadow of Intent – ‘Elegy (Deluxe Edition)’ [symphonic death metal]
Stray From the Path – ‘Euthanasia’ [hardcore]
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – ‘Shake The Roots’ [blues rock]
Warforged – ‘The Grove | Sundial’ [tech death metal]

*Just a heads up, I’m going on vacation next week and I won’t be back until the second week of October. I’m hoping to get another “Top 5” post up before I leave but I will not be posting while I’m gone. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while. I still have lots of plans to further expand this blog and I’ll have a LOT to catch up on when I get back. Until then, stay kind and stay metal!

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