Best Rock & Metal Releases of 2022

2022 was a massive year for the rock, alternative, and heavy music scenes. Through my blog I’ve featured almost 650 different albums and EPs. Below, I’ve created a bunch of lists featuring my favorite releases of the year, first my favorite albums and EPs of the year, then I’ve broken it down into the subgenresContinue reading “Best Rock & Metal Releases of 2022”

Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases August 5, 2022

My apologies for posting this so late. I went to a concert on Friday and my ears and body needed a break afterwards. (In case you’re curious, I went to see August Burns Red, my all-time favorite band, in Sacramento. Void of Vision, Hollow Front, and We Came As Romans supported them and the showContinue reading “Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases August 5, 2022”

Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases July 15, 2022

This was another week where I didn’t have much on my radar as far as what was coming out. However, like always, after doing a bit of research and a lot of critical listening, I found some true gems. After sifting through over 80 albums of various rock and metal genres, these are my favoriteContinue reading “Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases July 15, 2022”

Best Rock & Metal Releases of June 2022

June was a packed month for the heavy music scene. There were loads of great metalcore and post-hardcore releases from June so they saturated my list quite a lot. I started with over 350 potential records and narrowed it down to my top 25. However, there were so many stellar releases that I urge youContinue reading “Best Rock & Metal Releases of June 2022”

Best Rock & Metal Releases of May 2022

May was an absolutely packed month for the heavy music scene. It took me a while to catch up with all of the releases but I’ve finally put together my list of favorites. I have my top 25 albums and EPs picked as well as dozens of honorable mentions that are all worth checking out. Continue reading “Best Rock & Metal Releases of May 2022”

“I Won’t Survive” Album Review

The Basics On May 7, 2021, metalcore act Convictions dropped their fourth record titled I Won’t Survive. They released the LP completely independently after parting ways with InVogue Records, with whom they distributed their last two albums. Based in Fremont, Ohio, Convictions is made up of Michael Felker on vocals/screams, Danyal Suchta on clean vocalsContinue reading ““I Won’t Survive” Album Review”