Top 5 Rock & Metal Releases July 8, 2022

Well, I said I would get this up on Sunday and it’s still Sunday here in California, technically.

This week had some incredible heavy releases from new deathcore and metalcore bands as well as some really fun and heartfelt alt rock releases. Almost all of these groups were new to me, some of which I learned about earlier today from mutuals on Twitter. I picked my top 5 albums, but honestly, they’re all worth listening to. I hope you find some great music to sink your teeth into here!

Top 5 Releases:

Amongst Liars – ‘Amongst Liars’ [alt rock]

The Faim – ‘Talk Talk’ [alt rock]

Kanine – ‘Karnage’ [deathcore]

Prompts – ‘Fracture’ [metalcore]

Stoneside. – ‘The Desert’ [progressive post-metal]

Honorable Mentions:

Antilles – ‘Entheos’ EP [death metal]

Ardours – ‘Anatomy Of A Moment’ [hard rock/symphonic metal]

Bleidd – ‘Darklights’ EP [metalcore]

Coldrain – ‘Nonnegative’ [hard rock]

Diver City – ‘A Path Divided’ [hard rock]

Endless Season UK – ‘Prism’ EP [alt rock/post-hardcore]

Farewell To Fear – ‘Polarity’ [nu metal]

Fear Not – ‘Fields Of Sorrow’ [hard rock/heavy metal]

Greylotus – ‘Dawnfall’ [death metal]

Left To Suffer – ‘And Dying Forever’ EP [metal/deathcore]

The Motion Below – ‘Breakthrough’ EP [post-hardcore]

Nvision – ‘Nvision’ EP [hard rock]

Opponent – ‘Sentinel’ [thrash metalcore]

Seeing Things – ‘Paranoia’ EP [nu metalcore]

Set The Sun – ‘In Absentia’ EP [progressive rock/metalcore]

A Sight in Veracity – ‘Eternity Past’ EP [progressive metalcore]

Telekinetic Yeti – ‘Primordial’ [psychedelic rock/metal]

The Wind Covenant – ‘Conjuration’ [metalcore/deathcore]

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